Ywctrade.pro is a website designed only for professional. You need to be a registered company for entering these website(Ordering Conditions). Our goal is to offer discount on public prices even if you’re not a digital company. For us it doesn’t matter if you’re working in the computer area or selling shoes. Whatever you sell you can have rebate. Because we need to start somewhere, the minimum discount you can have is 5% on public prices.

Why do we sell only to professional ?

Some products are only designed for professional use. If you aren’t a professional not sure you’ll order for example OF, a server rack. or a splicer.

How it works.

For each region or department you’ll have a dedicated Sales Rep. Once you’ve negotiated with him (her) the discount, you can order on ywctrade.pro. The prices you’ll see are only yours. The Sales Rep will be commissionned at the first cent you’ll spent. By the way we’re hiring Sales Rep !

Main goal

First of all : Offering discount on your cart, no need to see a reseller,

Second : Possibility having no brand products or products at your own brand (depends on volume).

Third : Offering products that your traditional reseller don’t have because they are too much specialized

Payment methods

For the time being you can pay by SEPA, or credit cards. If you need some other possibilities, just ask us for, we’re opened.

Ready to ship goal within 5 days

Once the payment has been made, our goal is to have products ready to ship within 5 days. Shipping & delivery will depend on your region or country. Because of the volume or for some heavy duty, sometimes you’ll pay extra fees. If you’re located outside of the European Union, please ask us, as you can’t deliver everything everywhere. Some products are restricted for export.

For any special order, or for any question, feel free to send a mail.